The Wod Creator® is the essential tool for every CrossFit® Box owner, Gym owner and Personal Trainer! It’s an annual book designed to facilitate the writing, organizing and archiving of programming for your Box, Gym or for your clients.

After spending several years working on paper and digital supports, I realized that when I planning for the following week, I couldn’t consider the previous workout programs, because they hadn’t been organized and stored in a practical and fast way.

As a result, the quality of the programming went decreasing, mistakes were very frequent and often customers were aware of this. Did you ever consider the number of times you repeated the same exercise in a month? Or did you not think about other possible exercises? How many demains of time did you complete? How many reps did your workout have on average?

So I created a tool that can fix all these problems: less mistakes, more efficiency and your creativity. All in one book.

If you have the CrossFit certification, you have the ability to program on Wod Creator® because It’s designed on the basis of your training experience!

Read the FAQ on the site and start programming your world!