Q. The Wod Creator® has an annual calendar?

A. Yes, the calendar is only pre-set, like this you can buy it at any time of the year.

Q. What's inside the Wod Creator®? 

A. The Wod Creator® is divided into two parts. On the left side you'll find a matrix containing exercises, time and modal domains, loads, number of reps and more. On the right side you will have the annual calendar divided in weeks. Every week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. For each day there are 3 spaces to write, renamed: Warm Up, WOD, Cash Out.

Q. Is n.1 Wod Creator® enough for a CrossFit® Box, Gym or Personal Trainer? 

A. Yes, it's been thought out and made specifically for a CrossFit® Box and all the coaches staff can program on the same Wod Creator®.

Q. How can the whole staff program? 

A. The most frequent case was to program weekly rotation. Each coach plans a week or longer periods of time alternating with other staff coaches. Work is streamlined and greatly reduced. The Wod Creator® allows you to trace graphically and intuitively the work written by the previous coach and therefore it is much easier to program without making mistakes and raise the quality of the product you offer to your customers.I am a personal trainer

Q. I am a personal trainer, can i use the the Wod Creator® to write workouts for my clients?

A. Yes, anyone can use it to plan their own workouts. Q. Within the Wod Creator® are there already written workouts? A. No, it's a tool to program, it's sold empty.

Q. Can the Wod Creator® be written in pencil or pen? Is it erasable? 

A. Yes.

Q. Is the Wod Creator® shipped Worldwide? 

A. Yes.

Q. Is the Wod Creator® a registered trademark? 

A. Yes.